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About Mediland Pharm Limited (MPL)

Mediland Pharm Limited (MPL) is a privately owned organisation, which has successful retail operations strategically located in Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast.

MPL specialises in and offers a high range of quality (tested and proven) health, well-being and skin care supplements range. We believe our customers deserve the best products, as such, we have committed ourselves to continued research and development to deliver a superior range of products, made with local active ingredients from Australia. In addition, our stores also provide a wide range of products, including; opal and pink diamond jewellery pieces, souvenirs and gifts, luxurious bedding products and a fashionable range of rugs

We are currently investing in research to further develop, enhance and broaden our health and well-being supplement range.

Our History

In 2002 we established our first retail outlet in Sydney, MPL then expanded operations with additional retail stores in both Melbourne and Gold Coast.

With 15+ years of experience in business operations and dedicated experience in the retail sector, with a strong emphasis on health and well-being supplements, we have forged extensive, lasting business relationships with key stakeholders and partners both in Australia and abroad. A valuable platform to ensure that we are a highly reputable organisation that is focused on delivering exceptional value and service to our customers and stakeholders.

MPL is now owned and operated by a 2nd generation Australian family with a proud Chinese heritage. MPL is supported by a management team that is very skilful in meeting the expectations of consumers, its partners and investors.

Our Brands

Whilst MPL has a range of brands that we promote through our stores, MPL is regularly researching to further develop and enhance our own brands, Mediland Pharm Limited and Le Marine health and well-being product range.

These products are all manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, sourcing and utilising the highest quality of ingredients to ensure that MPL/Le Marine deliver exceptional satisfaction to its customers. All products are manufactured in a TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved facility. Please feel free to visit https://www.tga.gov.au/ for more details.

Our Locations

Mediland Pharm Limited Philosophy


To continue:
• Enhancing our health, well-being and skin care supplementation program
• Expanding our portfolio, with a strong focus on utilising information technology to broaden our customer base through connectivity via web-based sales platforms